Sunday, September 3, 2017

good and bad day

Swimming at the river on the hottest day ever well a very hot day but anyway we go most sundays cause there the hottest day ever too just so you know that's my excuse if I want to go to the river it’s getting a bit old now so i need a think of a new one. OK let's get on with the story.

So i’m swimming and I get sucked into a whirlpool on onto some concrete I look up and about a centimeter above me and there's a this water swirling. Whaat? Then I look down there's a slide and a ladder next to it they go down about 12 m. It looks like a hole different species. I take the slide down and i find out they are atcherley licorice guards so i just eat them all. Once i have eaten about half of them they all run a way so i just let them because im sure theres lots more around.I go walk about for ages just in one direction picking up lollies on the way. I come across a big danger sign saying opposite whirl stay out. Going in there's lollies everywhere I see swirling water above me.

I jump in holding my breath I finally get to the top but I get sucked back under again and all of a sudden i'm in stream I pull myself out and get up but quickly duck back down behind a hedge it’s a licorice queen I look back and I can see mum why can’t she see me. “Um hi I say” “Umthole” she says in some weird language. Her guards grab me and I just let them wondering a lot. I get locked up in a licorice prison so i just run through the bars and the walls and outside dive into the stream and I get taken back to the river I climb onto the rocks and look around there's nothing “want some chips I here mum say”

“yeah”. I don’t think i need a New excuse to to go to the river eney more I think to myself.

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